Thursday, November 1, 2012

In The Wake

It's all over. Now for the elections, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the end of the world....

We, once again, enter into that void and continue to walk until we see that little shimmer of light. Hope your Halloween went well and I'm hoping even more that 2013's will roll around quickly.

Happen to take a look at the "ghost cam" last night?
If not, I don't blame you. If so, did you see anything? The answer is yes.
That's because I crafted a little gif and added a misty blur of a "presence" in one of the frames. Hey, you can't always get treats for Halloween.

Here's the "ghost cam" if you didn't get to see it last night:
I'll post the .psd file for this one sometime soon and offer it up for a download. You will then, assuming you have photoshop, be able to edit the title of the website and the address. If you wanted, you could even swap the photos out and create your own scenario.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, was that a treat... or a trick?

    I actually slammed the keyboard looking for the "Print Screen" button you know.