Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And So It Begins

While it may not be official on any calendar, August 1st has always marked the start of Halloween for me. It is the perfect time to start building up anticipation and excitement. Starting the season on September 1st makes sense because of the weather (in my neck of the woods, anyways), but that leaves too little time. And don't even get me started on the people who say Halloween season starts on October 1st. That is simply absurd, as I'm sure you will agree.

With that said, I have a question to ask you all. When does the Halloween season officially start for you?

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  1. Normally it would start about this time, but I've been depressed lately so it isn't. Although I did listen to some of my vast selection of Halloween music CDs last week, so maybe it did. Since most of the time my head is full of monsters and ghosts and rock and roll I'm not sure if that counts.

    1. I hear you. I have been feeling somewhat glum myself lately. Let us rejoice in the fact that the leaves are about to turn and the air is about to cool, though. Thanks for the comment.

  2. October 1st, though I ease into the season with the start of the school session in September, and summer is always it's own kind of prelude. I spent a lot of time in the summer working on Hallowe'en masks, reading Vault of Horror and Haunt of Fear issues, and listening to creepy old radio programs.

    I suppose August is as good a time as any. Summer is a good time for horror mags, b-monster movies, and spooky rock n' roll.