Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take A Moment

If any of you are familiar with the Season of Shadows website, then you know about John and his incredible passion and dedication for Halloween. As of late, however, John has not been able to enjoy that passion for his favorite time of year and even life in general due to a savage medical issue that has been plaguing him.

John made a post today stating his current status and future plans. It was heartbreaking and empowering to read all at the same time. He has made a decision that many of us couldn't even imagine having to think about making.

I just wanted to make note of how much people really cared about him, even on the quite impersonal internet. I ask that you just take a moment to read his latest, and sadly his last, post and then take another moment to send him good energy, prayers, well wishes, etc. etc.

I don't know what waits for us after death, but I do know that John will be a friend of mine forever and we will hopefully meet one day, face to face, and plan for some extremely spooky and haunting Halloweens.

Good luck and godspeed, John.

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