Wednesday, November 2, 2011


And it's gone. So, how was your beloved holiday this year? Mine was... well I hope yours was good. Here's a question: how long do you leave your decor up outside or inside? A couple houses around me have left them up so far and it's nice to see, but a bummer at the same time since it looks so dead (and not in a good way). Just a reminder that it's over. There's always next year, though.

Who's ready for turkey?

P.S. THANK YOU to the people who have taken some time to leave comments on the blog. Although this site has only been up for a full year, I seem to get more hits and a couple more people who leave comments each Halloween. I know I don't get around to posting comments that often on other blogs because of school and other things, but it's good knowing others are taking the time to at least check out the site. It's the only thing that makes me want to log into blogger.


  1. Halloween was good, not as fun as last year, but I was happier with my haunt.

    I'm ready for a leisurely winter holiday. Thanksgiving should be fun. Just gonna focus on my portfolio. I am thinking of doing Krampuslauf though.

    I took down the tarps, which create the atmosphere of the haunt, but my props are still hanging in the carport, I really have nowhere else to store them at present.

    The interior decoration of our house is largely Halloween year round. We had Grossferatu in the front window for a couple years.

    I should really get some pics of the local decorations, I'm so proud of the effort my neighbors put in this year.

  2. I start taking outdoor props down on November 1st, but it takes about three days because I only have time after work. I should be finishing up today. Indoors, it takes longer, but everything (except the stuff that stays out all year) is put away by the time Christmas preparations start in December. :)

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope next year's is a more enjoyable Halloween for you.

    I had my turkey three weeks ago. But I am looking forward to Christmas fruitcake. :D

  3. Halloween was great. This year was the best party and haunt to date.
    I usually take one day to take down everything outside. I started at 7am Nov 1st and was completely Halloween free on the outside by 7pm. The inside.... looks like Halloween attacked me. It takes about a week to get it all up.
    I am looking forward to turkey and sugar cookies and pine scents now, but I will still have my heart and mind in Halloween.

  4. I took 11/1 off work, so after taking a cat to the vet & doing some requisite after-Halloween took me most of the afternoon to get the outside stuff taken down, put away and the front yard mowed before I ran out of daylight.

    Now the inside stuff.....that's a different story!