Thursday, October 20, 2011

Merry Chri..... Wait....

This makes me sick to my stomach. This screen shot was taken yesterday.

I have checked their site (along with all the other shopping sites) just to see if they have done up a special Halloween site design/logo/theme/etc. I am a fan of the logo change and mini-sites that websites and companies do up each year and scour the web in hopes of finding some cool ones. Well, QVC failed to deliver all of September and had me thinking they'd wait to post it October 1st. Obviously October 1st came and went and nothing showed up.

I check back, just for fun, yesterday and there it is. The giant letters, in red, spelling JOY. Underneath, Christmas. Christmas trees, two of them, right on the front page. It's mid-October. 



  1. Time for a nasty letter.

    My Home Depot did the same thing. Revolting!

  2. The thought of being constantly hit over the head with Christmas advertising on TV and in print makes me want to hide under a rock. Depressing indeed.

  3. The larger stores around me started setting up Christmas displays weeks ago. Halloween has been moved to the sidelines. :/

  4. So sad...
    You should see the shops down here in NZ. It's a tragedy.

    When the opportunity arises, I'll be out of this halloween-less hell and off to the USA in a flash.