Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October 1st

A lot to go over here so let's just get down to it:

1. Planned on waiting a little while before redesigning the site again but I couldn't help it. Obviously, the site now has a new look. Simple layout, slightly vintage look and very Halloween-like. It's good to have the familiar black and orange back on the site.

2. NecroTV is now ready with 4 different shows. Use the link at the top of the site to visit the page and select which show you'd like to watch. I'll be changing them fairly regularly so be sure to watch them while you have the chance.

3. What was the third thing........

......Oh yeah! HAPPY OCTOBER! It's here and I feel like the site is kicking it off in a good way. New look, new features, etc. I hope this month is frightfully fantastic for you all and be sure to check back for a lot of updates throughout October.


  1. Happy October! Gonna check out Necrovision TV here.

  2. Happy October! Love the new look. And NecroTV. Great idea! :)

  3. Hapyy October. The new look is awesome.

  4. Happy October to you too!

    The retro yet minimalistic new look is great! Necropolis continues to look more and more like a website and less and less like a blog. Bravo!

    And btw, I LOVE NecroTV!