Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just doesn't feel like October to me. I guess classes/exams taking a lot of my time up and the stress of switching vehicles and a nagging injury which is preventing me from doing the things I love has made the beginning of October a bummer for me. Not to mention it's almost like Halloween is dead (in a bad way) around my town. I'm sure it's just the downer mood I've been in and being unable to relax and enjoy the weather/festive feelings. Well, this wallpaper kind of cheers me up and brings me back... a little. Click to view full size.


  1. Yeah, I feel you. I went to grocery outlet the other day, and they were already taking down their Halloween display, and putting up christmas stuff. SACRILEGE!

    My recommendation? Get out. Especially devil's night, just get out and wander the streets. October is in the air.

  2. I'm feel for you. halloween seems to be getting smaller and smaller every year. Fewer houses are handing out treats. I say it's time to put the Trick back in Trick or Treat!!!