Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time To Choose

You know the packages of candy corn that come with the pumpkin shaped pieces? Well, for some reason, I think those have a different taste than the normal candy corn pieces. What do you think? Are the pumpkin pieces better, not as good, or do you think they taste the same?


  1. The mellocreme pumpkins are definitely my favorite but I still love me some candy corn. They do have a slightly different taste.

    Poor Man's Payday...take some salted peanuts and about the same amount of candy corn and put them in your mouth together...volia! Tastes just like a Payday candy bar!

  2. They are both terrible. But I'll be damned if they don't both taste like Halloween.

    Also, you have been selected Necropolis:

  3. Candy corn tastes the same to me wherever I find it. But it is superior to those mellocreme pumpkins. They are my least favourite!

    My favourite item in a mellocreme mix is not visible in your photo. In stores near me, it includes a collection of mellocreme ears of corn and tiny figures, like witches and scarecrows. Most are chocolate brown, brown sugar beige and yellow. I'm not sure why, but the yellow ones seem to taste better than the others.

    And certainly better than those horrible pumpkins.

  4. Mr. Macabre - I agree, although I like candy corn slightly more. And beautiful idea on the poor man's payday haha. I'll have to try that and see how similar the tastes are.

    Mantan - I agree 100%. When I think of Halloween flavors, it's those sugar filled candy corns and pumpkins.

    Halloween Spirit - I am completely unaware of those mix bags. Send me a link if you can.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone.