Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sir, I Suggest You Remain Silent About What You Saw

Zombie walks are fun and all, but you have to admit, they are getting old and played out. I love the idea of groups of like minded people joining up to do creative things, though. So the format is perfect, but the theme is tired. Here's my idea:

Men in Black. A bunch of people spread out through cities and towns dressed in the typical M.I.B. style. All stone-faced, virtually silent, mysteriously hovering around. Possibly going door to door and asking if the residents witnessed anything out of the norm recently. Of course, we wouldn't want to incite a panic or get into any serious trouble with law enforcement(or would we?).

Imagine waking up and heading to your car and seeing a man or a couple men in black suits standing around in different areas. It would give an eerie presence due to the mystery and unknowing the general public would experience.

It'd be a bad idea to bunch a lot of people dressed as M.I.B. in one area because that would make it entirely unbelievable. This kind of "mob" outing would have to be done in small numbers, but maybe high amounts of different locations. I think it would work brilliantly. At least a few phone calls to the local police stations demanding answers to what was going on.

Just another idea for some Halloween fun. This, of course, could be done at any time of the year. Speaking of ideas, I'm working on a little project that I hope will work out. If it doesn't, you'll never hear about it. If it does, you'll know in due time.

Apologies to all owners of these images for not giving credit. I found them on Google images and did not have time to seek out owner names or links.

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