Saturday, August 27, 2011


Since I redesigned the site earlier this year, I won't be changing the look for the approaching Halloween season. However, I will be adding some new features to the site. The hope is to have "NecroTV" ready by September 1st. It will be updated with a revolving door of Halloween specials for sitcoms and cartoons and maybe even a full movie or two. Again, this is only in the planning stages right now and not a promise.

So, with that said, what kind of shows would you like to see? Have a favorite sitcom special or cartoon you'd like to see on here?



    I used to watch that too. Such a cool and cheesy show. :)

    Also, 'Are your Afraid of the Dark?' would be awesome. One of my old favourites. This sounds like a great idea, looking forward to it!

  2. At least one show that's become pretty hard to get a hold of, and that I miss seeing, is the Tales from the Farside Halloween special. A great mix of oddball and macabre humor, as well as some unexpected pathos.

  3. >Marrow - Goosebumps is a classic for anyone who grew up in the 90s. I'll get some episodes up for sure.

    >Mantan - Hmmm.. I am unfamiliar with Tales from the Farside (should I be ashamed?). I'll see what I can do about finding the Halloween special and I'll notify you if it will make an appearance in the line-up.

    Thanks for the input, guys.