Thursday, August 11, 2011

It'll Give Them To Ya

Being only 21, I get a little more excited about this than maybe the younger or older crowds (as this was heavily apart of my childhood). While that may be the case, it can still be enjoyed by everyone. I mean, we have all had them and will likely get them sometime soon for any number of reasons. What could it possibly be???


It's back on TV. Starting September 6th which will mark the beginning of it's weekday run of Mon-Thur at 5:30pm ET. It will be on a channel called The Hub.

I'm ecstatic because the last time Goosebumps was syndicated, it was on Cartoon Network on Friday nights only for the month of October and parts of September and November a few years ago. In reality, I think I am so happy simply because it will remind me of when I was a kid and came home to watch tv shows throughout the week (especially in the fall nearing Halloween). I can sort of relive it. And the Goosebumps shows were pretty good for the most part. Just another spark to the Halloween flame.

You can read more about the press release here.

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