Saturday, August 27, 2011


Since I redesigned the site earlier this year, I won't be changing the look for the approaching Halloween season. However, I will be adding some new features to the site. The hope is to have "NecroTV" ready by September 1st. It will be updated with a revolving door of Halloween specials for sitcoms and cartoons and maybe even a full movie or two. Again, this is only in the planning stages right now and not a promise.

So, with that said, what kind of shows would you like to see? Have a favorite sitcom special or cartoon you'd like to see on here?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Button Pushers

Here is a video from one of my favorite bands, Stolen Babies. The song is called "Push Button." Their musical style and the art in the video seemed quite appropriate for a mention on here. Go buy their album There Be Squabbles Ahead because it's really, really good.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Halloween Tree(s)

I've always been intrigued by bonsai trees. So much so that I recently purchased one and have it sitting, peacefully, on my desk. I've been thinking, since they are only miniature versions of real trees, they shouldn't be left out on the decorating fun of Halloween. Well, knowing I couldn't be the only one thinking that, I did a quick search for something of interest. Below are some of my favorites so far:

Absolutely brilliant. The empty tree with the painting in the background is perfect. To view more visit The Art of Bonsai Project.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Your Gates!

One of the bigger haunted attractions located (somewhat) close to me is the Land of Illusion. It's set up as one of those "parks" with multiple houses/mazes/etc. I am excited to know that it opens September 2nd! That gives PLENTY of time to attend at least once this year.

That's one of my gripes with haunted attractions. They are typically only open through the month of October with maybe a single weekend in September. It's virtually impossible to get to more than one attraction in a single night and you can't expect to go to a different one every weekend.

I always get a feeling of "time is running out" half way through October and I've been to only one, if any at all, each year. So, with that said, thank you Land of Illusion!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Munsters Remake

NBC is apparently giving the revamp of The Munsters a second chance. Here's what the claim is:

This isn't your mummy's The Munsters. While the original was a half-hour sitcom about blue collar Monster-Americans, Fuller's take on The Munsters will be an edgier, slightly darker hour-long show. Fuller is expected to more deeply explore the origins of how the residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane came to be.

Hour-long episodes? Seems like it might work, but it might also botch the whole Munsters image. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Click here for the full read.

It'll Give Them To Ya

Being only 21, I get a little more excited about this than maybe the younger or older crowds (as this was heavily apart of my childhood). While that may be the case, it can still be enjoyed by everyone. I mean, we have all had them and will likely get them sometime soon for any number of reasons. What could it possibly be???


It's back on TV. Starting September 6th which will mark the beginning of it's weekday run of Mon-Thur at 5:30pm ET. It will be on a channel called The Hub.

I'm ecstatic because the last time Goosebumps was syndicated, it was on Cartoon Network on Friday nights only for the month of October and parts of September and November a few years ago. In reality, I think I am so happy simply because it will remind me of when I was a kid and came home to watch tv shows throughout the week (especially in the fall nearing Halloween). I can sort of relive it. And the Goosebumps shows were pretty good for the most part. Just another spark to the Halloween flame.

You can read more about the press release here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Coming

Today marks the beginning of the Great Cool Down. In my area it is finally cooling off. Well, the humidity is anyways. Temps are still high, but it feels better nonetheless. The taste of Autumn and Halloween are slowly creeping towards my tongue as I, and all the other fall fanatics, eagerly await their arrival.

Stores are beginning to fill small sections with the oranges, browns, maizes and blacks we all know and love. Online shops such as Grandin Road have launched their Halloween mini-sites featuring plenty of props and trinkets for us to consume and enjoy.

Not much to this post other than the fact that my excitement is starting to build. I'm sure you are all feeling the same as well. Look for plenty of goodies such as music, videos, wallpapers, etc. in the coming weeks.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sir, I Suggest You Remain Silent About What You Saw

Zombie walks are fun and all, but you have to admit, they are getting old and played out. I love the idea of groups of like minded people joining up to do creative things, though. So the format is perfect, but the theme is tired. Here's my idea:

Men in Black. A bunch of people spread out through cities and towns dressed in the typical M.I.B. style. All stone-faced, virtually silent, mysteriously hovering around. Possibly going door to door and asking if the residents witnessed anything out of the norm recently. Of course, we wouldn't want to incite a panic or get into any serious trouble with law enforcement(or would we?).

Imagine waking up and heading to your car and seeing a man or a couple men in black suits standing around in different areas. It would give an eerie presence due to the mystery and unknowing the general public would experience.

It'd be a bad idea to bunch a lot of people dressed as M.I.B. in one area because that would make it entirely unbelievable. This kind of "mob" outing would have to be done in small numbers, but maybe high amounts of different locations. I think it would work brilliantly. At least a few phone calls to the local police stations demanding answers to what was going on.

Just another idea for some Halloween fun. This, of course, could be done at any time of the year. Speaking of ideas, I'm working on a little project that I hope will work out. If it doesn't, you'll never hear about it. If it does, you'll know in due time.

Apologies to all owners of these images for not giving credit. I found them on Google images and did not have time to seek out owner names or links.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friendly Advice

Here's a vintage video that goes over safety tips for Trick-Or-Treating. It's narrated by a friendly jack-o-lantern. This was before my time, but it reminds me of something a school would show to students on Friday afternoon before they get released for the weekend and get ready to storm the neighborhoods on Saturday night. The portion dedicated to checking your candy is one I, and my friends, would laugh and joke about while secretly feeling a bit nervous taking that first bite of each piece.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swing Away

It's hot outside. Like, unbearably hot. That can mean two things are certain. It's baseball season and you want to stay inside. Well, now you can enjoy both even if you aren't a huge baseball fan.

Nothing like killing zombies with the ol' bat and ball. Especially when you can do so in the comfort of your air conditioned house. Below is a screen shot of the title screen. It's pretty much just a boredom distraction/time killer type game. Have fun.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Halloween is a great time of the year. The weather, decorations, haunted attractions, tv specials, parties, trick or treat, the list goes on and on. Something that seems a little repetitious, though, is the theme of costumes. For example:

Person 1: "What are you going to dress up as for the party?"
Person 2: "I don't know, I'm thinking about a vampire maybe."

Vampires, mummies, aliens, zombies, pirates, and countless movie characters. It just gets boring every now and then, you know? I would like to see costumes for all ages move in a new direction. Unashamed to admit my fascination with Norse mythology, I think it's safe to say it will be the main focus.

What do I have in mind you ask? TROLLS! No, not those jerks on your favorite internet forum ruining discussions.

No, not those kind of trolls, either. Although they might make an interesting costume choice as well.

I'm talking about the wretched beasts hell-bent on killing everything and stealing what they want from whomever they want. These kinds of trolls:

How would you feel showing up to a party or someone's front door dressed as something original and exciting for once? It'd be crucial to get it looking right and taking tons of time making it look like an authentic troll, but I believe that it'd be worth the work. Just an idea for anyone who thinks costumes are getting boring these days.